Competitive Advantage

Search Engine Marketing
For... Top G o o g l e  Rankings...
"If You're Not On the First Page of Google Your Results Fall Off Exponentially"
IM Predictions for 2010
  • Get Found, Crawled, Indexed, and Highly Ranked for the "BUYING" Keyword Phrases
  • Create, Publish, Test, Track, Measure and ReTrack?  Everything 
  • Free Up 40 Plus Marketing Hours or More Each Month
  • Allow You to Focus on What "Brings in the Money"
iFindMarket specializes in getting you ranked for multiple listings for the keyword phrases your market is actually searching for... to buy the products and services your website offers, or just to opt-in to your sales funnel for future backend sales.
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the 1000s of "systems, guides, and action plans?"
  • Are you tired of paying for information or programs instead of results?
  • Just looking for a quick, easy solution that is proven and works?
Before getting into the guts of this system I just want to briefly let you know what Competitive Advantage Marketing and the iFindMarket Team is all about.

Competitive Advantage Marketing and the iFindMarket team provide measurable tracking of their work and they absolutely guarantee to get you ranked in the Search Engine Results Pages obtaining multiple top 10, 20, and 30 listings.
What is iFindMarket All About?
Competitive Advantage Marketing has been a long time Internet Marketing Company that has worked with and for small mom and pops, mid-sized local businesses and large national corporations successfully for over 18 years.

Competitive Advantage Marketing builds VRE portfolios; has monetized & scaled affiliate websites and yes... sells REAL, physical products (at Low & High price points) via the Internet.

Competitive Advantage Marketing also does free and paid online trainings, creates and launches products and has a variety of next gen marketing skills. Competitive Advantage Marketing specializes in marketing online, driving traffic and increasing sales.
Definition: SALE - When the Money shows up in the Bank
Competitive Advantage Marketing has put together one of the best teams on the internet to 'keep on top' of cutting edge marketing techniques that work.
Here is a BIG Insider Secret?
80% of all clicks, in the Search Engines, are in the Organic (FREE) Results
"If You're Not On the First Page of Google... Your Results Fall Off Exponentially"
More Value... More Rankings... Less Investment
Competitive Advantage Marketing and the iFindMarket team are dedicated to getting your website and off page properties ranked for the phrases your buyers are typing in Google to find your products and services. They know the value of scaling up content creation and distribution, but more importantly, Building Authority to those web pages and off page properties so they get top rankings, get the most traffic possible, and provide clients with the biggest bang for their buck.

Some of Competitive Advantage Marketing's clients have made the jump from their services to start marketing their own businesses. As this is a VERY labor intensive process, most consistently send Competitive Advantage Marketing business because they hate the tech, and want to focus strictly on closing more sales or exploring new niches and revenue streams. And that's really what outsourcing is all about.

If you're an Affiliate Marketer, Online Advertiser or a Traditional Business Owner looking to get started or expand Online, then being able to focus on closing more business without tying yourself down to doing the volumes of work for each marketing process is the key.
Set it and Forget it
This is imperative for uncapped sales and income potential.

If you're a Service Marketer or Product Vendor it's about getting targeted traffic to your offers. Once your offer is setup, it's time to scale up your promotion efforts and extract the most cash out of your time and hard work. Instead of focusing on the promotion yourself, it's a heck of a lot easier to outsource this portion and move onto your next money maker. It's also a lot more profitable...
So Make This Decision Right Now
Which side of the line do you stand on? Are you going to keep blazing that 'capped income' trail or begin to invest in freeing up time, getting more done, and ultimately making the most money possible for your business... your family... or whatever else you value in life?

Our Ultimate Search Engine Marketing & Top Google Rankings service can make this a reality for you. At the end of the day, it's YOUR business, and YOU get to run it however you see fit.

Here's exactly what you can expect from the iFindMarket Service...
The 0 to 100 Mile Per Hour Site Package
Phase 1: Campaign Setup
(Initiates immediately after purchase)
You (Our Client) Provides 3 Root Keywords That You Would Like to Be Ranked For
  • We will analyze your root keywords and find buyer phrases that have high search traffic.
  • We will target one primary and two secondary phrases.
  • We will analyze the phrases & make page adjustments to rank for your desired keyword phrases.
  • We will need FTP access to your website in order to make the necessary modifications.
  • You (Our Client) Submits a Minimum of 100 Words Describing Your Website & Market / Niche
  • We will use this information to find 100% Unique Content
  • We will use this content to create more click-thurs to your website.
Phase 2: Content Creation, Distribution & Promotion
(Starts within 2-4 Business Days After Completion of Phase 1)
Original Content is Submitted to Web 2.0 Properties
  • We submit original content to high value web 2.0 properties and initiate off page promotion.
  • Original Content is Submitted to Blog sites created for your Keywords
  • Each month we will add new original content to these blogs.
  • Original Content is Repurposed and Submitted to 100s of...
  • High PR Sites, Web 2.0 properties, Article & Web directories.
NOTE.. This is where other services fall FAR short.
Please read the previous paragraph again. This is a MAJOR difference in what we at iFindMarket offer compared to other companies who believe they provide
Online Marketing Services.
We run a very well rounded SEM campaign for all of your highest performing off page properties. Our proprietary formula has produced results again and again for Competitive Advantage Marketing and those of our clients.

So, this is what we would like to extend to you.

URL and XML submissions
We will submit your site and RSS feeds to 100s of the top PR Sites.

Link Submissions
Links posted to hundreds of site directories.

Consistent Promotion of your Website
We submit 100s of relevant posts to hundreds of relevant websites, forums, blogs, social media, etc.
We require you to place Google Analytics tracking on your website which will give Us
(and you) the data to see your rankings and traffic increase over time.
Phase 3: Client Reporting & Campaign Adjustments
(Sent, upon request, 60 days after Phase 2 completion)
You will be able to see the difference in your rankings.
  • We provide screenshots of all your Top 10, 20 and/or 30 Rankings for your Keyword Phrase(s).
  • We will make adjustments (if any) for the following month?s campaign.
  • We provide Data from tracking showing your website rankings as they increase over time.
Important Note & Disclaimer...
If you are already involved with search engine marketing you know that it can take the search engines a minimum of 1-3 months to locate all the links you've placed, find and index your content, and adjust rankings appropriately. While we do get most clients ranked in the Top 10, 20, and 30 for their keyword phrases within the first 30 days there are RARE cases, such as extremely competitive markets, where these are not achieved until the second or early third month.
We'll get you there and This is how we do it
Search Engine Marketing
Package Overview
  • On Page SEO Analysis of your website
  • Keyword Research for Relevant, Highly Searched Phrases
  • Hundreds Unique Keyword Rich Articles
  • RSS Submissions to the Top 30 RSS Directories for Off page Properties
  • RSS Submissions to the Top 30 RSS Directories for your website
  • 500+ Link Submissions for your Off page Properties
  • 500+ Blog Submissions for your website and Off page Properties
  • 100+ SEO Directory Submissions for your website
  • 30+ Forum Postings Submissions for your website
  • 50+ Authority High PR Submissions to Inner Pages on PR 5+ Domains
  • Rankings Over Time Tracking and Reporting ON your Website
  • Screenshots of your Top Listings and Campaign Adjustment Recommendations
Monthly Investment: $157 / mo.
Website Hosting: $20 / mo. (Recommended)
After the first 3 months, We recommend a continuous campaign to maintain page rank and to expand to other buying key phrases. Once this process is started the results are permanent (with minimal updating). Therefore, Payment is via credit card and all sales are final.